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La gestion en bien commun constitue aujourd’hui un patrimoine millénaire de connaissances citoyennes, de savoir-faire et de formes d’organisation et de régulation qui se projettent vers l’avenir - Voir la rencontre de Guérande. Lire+

The mission of Sustainable Earth alliance

The mission of the Sustainable Earth alliance is to help the development of more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable societies.

It is a space for discussion and validation of strategic policy proposals on various topics that are either developed by Alliance members or others. A space for reflection between different organizations on strategic topics, discovery of new issues. A place of exchange, convergence between organizations, networks, development of joint initiatives and projects, construction of new useful organizations to strengthen joint work.

To do so, Sustainable Earth acts to strengthen the capacity of civil society to resist, to speak out, criticize, analyze, exchange, propose, supervise, create and manage, in certain scenarios issues of concern.

At the heart of these issues: 

  • the future of the agricultural population and fishing communities in the world
  • the place of food in our increasingly globalized societies
  • sustainable management of our natural resources and land
  • the harmonious development of our territories and its inhabitants.
  • the land grabbing
  • the dispossession of rural communities, mountains, sea on natural resources and territories.


To carry out its mission, Sustainable Earth have various devices work:


  • A work from the emerging themes in regions and that may be support for work in other regions.

  • The collect and recovery of local, national or international experiences, and the organization of workshops to exchange those experiences between the holders at national or international level.

  • An analytic work involving organizations, NGOs and researchers.

  • The development of collective strategies enabling players to be better equipped to participate in discussions and negotiations on national and international policies.

  • The launch of discussions at national or international level.

  • Participation in the training of social leaders so they can cope with new situations on national and international levels, related to the effects of globalisation.

  • The formulation of local, national or international proposals, on the occasion of official summits.



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